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With a population of over 192,000 people, Glendale is considered the third largest city in Los Angeles County. The area known today as Glendale city is very rich in American history. Before the Spanish war, Glendale was settled by the Tongva Tribe. The native Indian tribe was later called missionaries Gabrielenos. After the war, Glendale’s then governor Diego De Borica, also the owner of Rancho San Rafael, gave the land to the influential Jose Maria Verdugo.Before Verdugo took possession of the land, it was mainly used as a farmland and to feed cattle. The first buildings to take place on the land came through years later by Verdugo’s grandson. These buildings are known as the Vedugo Adobe. The building of the Brand Library in Downtown Glendale was once a mansion for Leslie Coomb Brand. The mansion was known as “El Miradero” (The Lookout).Earthquake faults are known to surround and pass through Glendale.


The largest are the Sierra Madre Fault, Hollywood Fault, San Gabriel Fault and San Andres Fault are the biggest and most famous. Weather in Glendale is very hot and dry in the summer and very chilly and cold in the winter. Very much like the Mediterranean weather. Along with stormy summers and rainy winters, it also comes with a windy falls. Santa Ana winds happen to blow strongly in the area.The Bob’s Big Boy fast food chain picked Glendale to be the first city to have a diner in it. Nestle and IHOP also have their headquarters in the city. Walt Disney and few other production companies have large offices in Glendale.The city is known for it increasing American Community. In the 1970s, the community grew rapidly. A collection of businesses, American schools and large ethnic institutes and organizations are now available in Glendale.Glendale has its own Police Department located at 131 N Isabel St. Glendale, CA 91206.

City of Glendale


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