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Two Men Accused of Planting a Skimmer in a Glendale Gas Station

Earlier this week Glendale police arrested two men after they were caught installing a skimming device on a gas pump at a Gas Station located in Glendale. One of the men that were arrested were already under investigation before the arrested. The two men were identified as Edvard Martirosyan and Aram Manasaryan and they were arrested before 3 a.m. outside a Valero gas station. They are being charged for trying to allegedly trying to install the device in order to capture credit card numbers of unsuspecting customers. The U.S. Secret Service has filed a separate case against one of the suspects because he has been on their watch for a while. An alarm at the gas station went off when the suspects tried to place the device. The police responded quickly and were able to catch the suspects in the act of placing the skimming device. The police found more skimming devices, laptop computers, counterfeit credit cards and some other tools to break into gas pumps in the trunk of the suspects's car. This was the second time in recent weeks police have been called for possible tampering at the gas station. The police have been telling the public to be cautious when they use the card reader on the pumps at their local gas station. The Police also remind the public that if anything seems suspicious about the card reader before you swipe your card, then immediately cancel the transaction and tell the station owner so that they could call the police as soon as possible before anyone using the gas pump loses their life savings. The two men that were arrested are being charged with felonies for trying to install the skimmer and are being held in the Glendale police station in the mean time. The police have not released whether the two suspects have bailed out or are awaiting their trial in the Glendale Jail.

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