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Freeway Shooting In Glendale

As a woman was exiting the Golden State (5) Freeway just outside of Glendale, she was shot and wounded. When she exited the freeway, she came to a stop at the red light at the end of the off ramp, according to the officials in charge of the investigation. At that time, a dark colored SUV pulled up by her car and a man in the car pulled out a handgun and shot at the woman. The victim was the only person in her car so no one else was injured, but authorities said that only one s


hot was fired. It is unknown who the suspect or suspects were. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital and was conscious throughout the whole ride, talking to police about what had happened on that off ramp. Police temporarily closed the off ramp in order to create a crime scene there and see if there were any witnesses that may have seen anything. Police have not released any possible suspect information or and descriptions of the car that the suspect was driving. Blg by Exclusive Bail Bonds Glendale.

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