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Glendale Police Search for pair of Burglars

In June, a man and a woman entered a garage of a resident in Glendale, where the who split up and searched through the structure. The couple made off with various items, including a Razor scooter, bike, a car seat, and a computer. They put all of the stolen merchandise in a cart and fled the scene before anybody got home or any neighbors noticed what they were doing. The man was described to police as a white or Hispanic man that was between 25 and 30 years old and about 5ft 7 with a thing build and a receding hairline. The woman was described as a black woman that was about 24 years old and slightly taller than the man at 5ft 8 inches, also with a thin build and curly hair. The woman was seen walking through the neighborhood with socks on without shoes. Police are still looking for the two suspects and has asked the public for any help finding them. If you have any information that could help police find these two, please contact the Glendale Police Department immediately.

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